Letter From UPPA Chairman

Letter From UPPA Chairman

My association with Uplands began way before I was even a blip on my mother’s radar. My mom started at Uplands Prep in 1959 and went on to serve on the Uplands Board for many years during my time at the Prep.

My older brother, younger sister and I often reflect on our years at Uplands during the 80’s; our making of significant memories, friendships and the sense of community that we so readily felt.  My family moved back to the Lowveld two years ago. To see my children walking the same pathways that I did, and to see them connect with the children of my own Prep friends has been wonderful. The Prep has grown and moved with the times since I left, however, it still maintains the same values and principles that I enjoyed some 30 years ago.

The growth of the Prep and the addition of the College is due to the hard work of a number of people in our small community. They are to always be commended for their vision and tenacity.

The UPPA team of 2018 look forward to assisting the school with achieving their future goals. We seek to put in process systems, networks and events to connect with our past pupils. We also look forward to building initiatives and connections that will have our past pupils help our current and future students. This concept of paying forward and giving back is one that will drive our vision.  A key mandate of ours is to help establish an Uplands Foundation, that has as its objective the ability to underpin future School growth.

The 90th anniversary year is an exciting time for the School and stands as an opportunity for us all to reflect on from where we have come and to where we wish to go.


Mark Ponting

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