Today’s Thinking Child is Tomorrow’s Achiever


Uplands Prospectus


From its inception in 1928, Uplands has been striving to be the best school possible. The Preparatory school has quality and tradition in its DNA, and the College is a school with such progressive energy.  Combined with the exciting and dynamic new Pre-Preparatory school and the widely acclaimed Uplands Outreach, Uplands is now ‘one school.’ As one school, Uplands is a serious entity that is looking for ways to pursue new ideas, new possibilities, and new ways to become the very best it can be.

For me, Uplands is about a special combination of nurturing the unique spirit of each child, honouring the history of the school, enhancing the quality of academics, and enjoying the wide range of activities on our picture-perfect campus.  This magic can only occur when our children excel, our teachers and staff are motivated and engaged, our parents are deeply involved in the life of the school, and when the school stands on a solid financial foundation.

We know that our school is filled with bright, articulate, diverse, and well-mannered children who, in a nurturing environment, will grow to be self-confident and will embrace change. By being today’s thinking child, they will most certainly become tomorrow’s achiever.

Together, with the incredible support of the wider Uplands family, I have no doubt that we will achieve our audacious goal of becoming Africa’s best fully-integrated day and boarding school, where all pupils thrive!

Chairman's signature

Bruce MacFarlane

Chairman, Uplands Board of Directors

Bruce & Dana MacFarlane