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Uplands Prospectus




We strive to achieve excellence in all our sporting activities, and do so through a consolidated programme of training, local fixtures, regional derby weekends and national festival attendance. We offer a diverse mix of sports from the traditional (such as swimming, athletics, cross country, rugby, hockey, netball, cricket, soccer and tennis) to the more specialised and more unusual (mountain biking, squash and horse riding, for example). With the benefit of excellent coaching, we have established a proud sports record, as evidenced by the number of provincial representatives we have competing in a wide variety of sporting codes.



We believe in the value of the Arts in creating broad-minded, well-balanced young individuals. Apart from offering Dramatic Arts, Music and Visual Arts as academic subjects, the College also offers extra-curricular opportunities to pupils interested in further developing their talents. The College boasts beautiful state-of-the-art facilities that include an amphitheatre, independent art and drama studios, and music rooms. Our school productions are of an exceptional standard, and our regular visits to art hubs (galleries and theatres, for example) ensures our pupils receive a contemporary appreciation for the cultural world.



Community service is keenly undertaken at Uplands. Our aim is to involve every student within a variety of environmental and or community driven activities. We hope to broaden perspectives, encourage a love for service, and ensue our pupils experience our broader community, recognise their position of responsibility, and are empowered to make a difference.

‘What made Uplands special for me was that I could partake in two first sporting teams and still participate in culture.’


– Past Uplands pupil –


  • A Graded Equestrian Centre
  • Extensive Grass Circket Nets & Supporting Video Room
  • Four Cricket Ovals & Two Cricket Pavilions
  • A Fully Equipped Gym
  • On Campus Cross-Country Mountain Biking Course
  • A Floodlit & Irrigated Astroturf
  • Two 25m Swimming Pools, And A Learn To Swim “Button” Pool
  • Two Glass Backed Squash Courts
  • An Indoor Cricket Facility (In Partnership With MP Circket Union)
  • Quality Rugby & Soccer Fields
  • Ten Tennis / Netball Courts
  • A Fishing & Swimming Dam
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