Today’s Thinking Child is Tomorrow’s Achiever

Uplands Prospectus


A very warm welcome to Uplands College. Choosing a school for your son or daughter is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make, and in a world that places ever-changing demands on young people, it is vitally important that schools provide a genuinely complete education.

As a school, it is essential that we understand the challenges and opportunities of operating within the South African context, and concentrate on the skills required in the 21st century workplace. Through our dedicated and talented staff we provide a well-balanced, quality schooling experience focusing on academic excellence and extracurricular prowess within a caring pastoral environment based on Anglican values.

At Uplands we excel in preparing our pupils for the world beyond our campus. Indeed, our greatest success are our pupils who prove themselves to be confident, interesting, socially skilled and self-motivated. Our Matriculants thrive; achieving top tier university places, engaging careers and future families that value community, wellbeing and care based values.

Of our approximately 500 pupils around half of them are boarders which means that Uplands today enjoys an eclectic mixture of nationalities and cultures. This intention to embrace our society and draw on the strength found in difference, provides our pupils with the skills and wherewithal to find belonging within a modern, integrated and global society.  

We reward ambition and hard work, and I am very proud of every student who, through perseverance, reach their full potential in so many different aspects of school life.

At Uplands If I could have one thing for every young adult who leaves this school, it would be that all feel comfortable in their own skin and, therefore, are confident in who they are and able to thrive in an ever-changing global society.

Welcome to Uplands College; I encourage you to visit our campus to experience our ‘U Factor.’

Heidi Rea

College Head

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