D.A.M. Evening (Drama Arts Music)

D.A.M. Evening (Drama Arts Music)

On the 14th of August, the Expressive Arts Department pulled out all the stops and showcased the best of Dance, Dramatic Arts, Music and Visual Arts across the College grades. Creatively hosted by Onkgopotse Aphane, Cebisa Kuboni, and Bruna Jeque, the audience was entertained around the theme of Mzanzi. The Grade 10 and 11 Visual Arts students set the scene with a large and interactive graffiti wall and the audience was invited to make their mark before the performers took to the stage. The Grade 9 Dance students mastered an African medley, showcasing various dance styles. The dance crew had the crowd cheering as they performed a range of popular dance styles. A Contemporary Duo and Solo choreographed by the students themselves showcased their talent and passion for Dance.

The Dramatic Arts students showed off their Matric talent with items ranging from Physical Theatre, ensemble work to two monologues performed by Nathan Treherne and Carolina Fernandes. They captivated their audience with their amazing stage presence, maturity and internalisation of their characters. The comedic pieces were enjoyed immensely and the more serious performances captivated the audience with their intensity and power. Bravo to all! Our Music players presented diverse pieces from all grades and our College audience got their first taste of our a cappella group. Our Musicians ended off the night with a tribute to our South African icon, Johnny Clegg.

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