We are feeling an overwhelming sense of achievement today as the last of our Journeying Grade 10s returned to the fold.  They have all walked, climbed, hobbled, swum and snacked their way over 110km amongst the magnificent (once you’re over them) mountains surrounding Barberton. That is no mean feat.

Our pupils can be very, very proud of themselves.  This experience will become the great part of the story of their lives and they should tell it for a long, long time, to anyone who will listen. True to traditions and rites of passage, each pupil rang the bell to sign off on this lifetime milestone.

Three months ago, Covid-19 was thwarting plans everywhere in the world.  For this reason, Uplands can be especially grateful to the team which took an idea for a new Journey and coaxed it into fruition in 70 days.  We thank the group leaders who gave their time, energy and emotional support to mentor our children through this tough experience.  We thank the families and colleagues who stepped in to allow them to do just that.

We also thank the people on the ground: Sappi, SAFCOL, the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries and Barberton Rugby Club for allowing us to traverse and camp on their properties.  Most importantly, we owe a massive debt of gratitude to Queen’s River Adventure Camp staff for buying into our vision and delivering first-class logistical, culinary and medical support, as well as security.

IT’S A WRAP for Journey 2020!

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