Matric Art Exhibition

Matric Art Exhibition

The Uplands Marketing Department with the help of Ms Jennifer Schaum, HOD Expressive Arts, and her Matric Art pupils ran a campaign from October 6 to 9, to introduce the young artists. The ‘Meet the Artists’ campaign gave the Uplands community a chance to get to know our Uplands College very own artists.

The campaign was a video of the artists explaining their final IEB examination artwork. Their inspirations, the thinking behind their artwork and more. These videos were featured on our Uplands White River Facebook page and Instagram page and YOUTUBE Channel.

This year has been a rollercoaster ride in education and our matrics have weathered the storm with incredible resilience and creativity.
The matrics have missed out on so much this year and so Ms Schaum decided to hold a small exhibition of some of their best works.

Many schools launched online digital exhibitions, but Ms Schaum felt that a screen just cannot compete with the sensory experience of an artwork. The show was up for a week and our matric class selected their best works from their year work theme “Artivism” and their IEB Final examination theme “2020 Vision”.

Ms Schaum was proud of the commitment and honesty shown in their works. She felt the matrics responded to the theme with thought provoking imagery that tackles real life issues that we are all grappling with this year.

The IEB Examination theme reflected the beginning of a new decade and a time to reflect on the past and look to the future. It spoke of the debate about the future and analysis of the past, and the changes that are eminent for humanity. As young people who are about to enter the world as adults, the class of 2020 are very invested in this era and will have their own vision of what the future will bring.

Written by: Desiré Fourie (Lowvelder)



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