Paddy Upton Visits Uplands

Paddy Upton Visits Uplands

Paddy Upton presented a number of workshops to the Uplands community on the 26th and 27th of July 2019. He shared his insights on training and the systematic approach in which learning takes place.

He engaged with the Uplands pupils on Friday afternoon and this was followed by a discussion about ‘Winning with Kids’ together with their parents.

Paddy joined the Uplands teaching staff and shared his thoughts on learner-centred education.

Comparisons between the work he has done at various T20 teams across the world and what teachers do every day in their classrooms and sports fields were discussed.

He stressed that we, as educators and coaches, should aim to meet learners’ needs and support them in reaching their personal potential first, before looking at results. This proved to be a refreshing message in an environment that demands results at all cost – as seen in the case of the Australian cricket side and “sandpaper gate”.

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