Penryn vs Uplands Derby (Results 30 April – 1 May)

Penryn vs Uplands Derby (Results 30 April – 1 May)

Uplands would like to congratulate all the sportsmen and sportswomen that took part in the Derby this past weekend. Uplands is extremely proud of you. Thank you to all our spectators who watched the live streaming of the 1st team matches.

Below are the scores from the Derby:

Uplands won
Uplands 8 and a half
Penryn 7 and a half

Juniors lost
Seniors lost

Boys’ Hockey
U14A won 7-0
U16 A won 1-0
2nds won 2-1
1sts won 2-1

Girls’ Hockey
U14A drew 0-0
U15A drew 2-2
U16A won 3-2
2nds won 1-0
1sts won 2-1

1sts won 20-15
2nds won 17-10
U16s won 22-7
U15s won 10-0
U14s 43-0

Photo credit: Hennie Homann
HH Photography and Design

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