Today’s Thinking Child is Tomorrow’s Achiever

Uplands Prospectus


Our rich learning environment provides many opportunities for our children to learn amongst a beautiful campus.


We believe that sport and physical activity play an important role in the development of a child. All our pupils attend Physical Education lessons with a qualified sports teacher. A water safety programme takes place once a week during a morning in the 1st and 4th terms. A qualified swimming teacher takes the children in small groups to our junior ‘Button’ swimming pool, where they learn to be water safe. We offer an optional, after school sports programme for the Grade 0s that reinforces their spatial awareness and fine motor skills. 


Art activities encourage our children to develop sensory perception, eye-hand coordination, fine-motor control, and self-expression. The regular visual arts activities offer children the opportunity to experiment with colour, shape, design, and texture. Our children visit our Music centre twice a week, where they experience a variety of aspects of music (singing, dancing, and movement, for example) with a qualified music teacher. Theme days, such as World Book Day and Pirate Day, take place during the year, and provide an opportunity for self-expression and learning. The children are also given the opportunity to grow in confidence through their performance at the annual Grandparents Day and Nativity Concert. Optional piano, violin, ballet, singing, drumming, and pottery lessons are also offered. 


To support our families, we provide a structured Aftercare programme, that operates from 12h15 to 17h00 Monday to Friday. Our dedicated staff provide a ‘home-away-from-home’ atmosphere in which our children can relax and play before going home.


We aim to create a love for nature and the environment amongst our children. Many of our teaching themes and our preference for outside learning reinforce our attention to environmental issues. We also proactively recycle our rubbish at school.


We support several charities to help our children learn about community responsibility.   


When children experience real-life events they are more likely to retain information. For this reason, and because we live in a beautiful environment we seek to get our children outside. From Grade 000 our children go on little trips around our expansive campus. As the children get older they then enjoy the benefit of off-campus outings. These trips support a well-balanced education that encourages curiosity and creativity and equally helps make learning fun and meaningful. 

‘The multitude of opportunities which the school offers is the one thing which always stuck with me from Uplands.’


– Past Uplands pupil –

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