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Uplands Pre-Preparatory

Uplands Pre-Preparatory is a place where children are encouraged to explore, discover and learn.

Welcome from the Pre-Preparatory Headmistress

It is a privilege for me to introduce Uplands Pre-Preparatory School, where every child is an explorer and every day an adventure. At our school, we provide a happy, safe and loving environment where our children can discover and develop as the unique individuals they are. Our view of the boys and girls in our care is that each child has the unlimited potential to bring something extraordinary to the world.

True to the Uplands vision, we aim to equip our children for the ever-changing world. We implement a 21st century approach and provide a stimulating learning environment where creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills are fostered by using interactive and resourceful teaching methods and Reggio-inspired learning. Our child-centred curriculum is aligned to international trends and best practices in early childhood education. To ensure learning is fun, our play-based programme alternates between guided learning experiences and free play. Through our play-based programme, we believe that we meet and develop the whole child, a child who is physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially and spiritually ready to face and meet the challenges of formal learning.

We celebrate diversity and aim to provide our children with many opportunities to explore their interests and talents while at school. We focus on assisting our children in discovering who they are, to express their own opinions and nurture their own ideas. Therefore, our well-balanced, culturally-enriched and play-based programme builds self-confidence in all our children and inspires them always to inquire and develop a lifelong love of learning.

The children are nurtured and cared for by a dedicated and loving staff who recognise and build each child’s unique personality and learning potential. Our Pre-Preparatory team shares a passion for the education of young children. Relationships are integral to the learning process. Therefore, our teachers actively partner with our parent community to ensure a happy and productive partnership between home and school to support learning.

Children are at the heart of what we do, and our wish is for them to develop the life skills that will see them thrive in an ever-changing world

– Heather Rogers

Academic Excellence

We implement a child-centred approach that emphasises the child’s curiosity about his/her world and the potential to learn from their environment and all that surrounds them. We expose children to a wide variety of educational opportunities that foster communication, self-expression, critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving and grit. We encourage our children’s natural curiosity through hands-on and practical activities that contribute to them having meaningful learning experiences.

Our learning programme is designed to provide a holistic education that caters for every aspect of a child’s development: physical, social, emotional, creative, intellectual and spiritual, which is implemented within an age-appropriate curriculum. Our activities establish a sense of self-confidence, responsibility, and enjoyment of life and learning in our pupils.

We follow the ISASA Early Childhood Development (ECD) curriculum and incorporate the richness of the Reggio Emilia-inspired principles into our lessons. In our programme, our children are exposed to the following areas of learning:

Through regular activity, games and play, we seek to coach a strong, coordinated and spatially-aware body.

Using class discussions and interactive, group-based tasks, we provide the opportunity for children to learn how to relate to both adults and other children.  We encourage them to share, co-operate and show consideration and respect for others. They are made aware of behaviour which is acceptable to others, and are encouraged to share resources, ideas and thoughts.

With a strong emphasis on verbal communication, storytelling and discussions, we ensure that our children become confident speakers and adept listeners (isiZulu and Afrikaans).

Through working concretely with patterns, shapes, numbers and foundational mathematical concepts, we build confidence in their mathematical and problem-solving skills.

We believe in presenting colour, expression, rhythm and interpretation as founding blocks of quality education. Our children exude creativity and imagination through activities in music, movement, drama and visual arts.

We encourage awareness and an appreciation of their immediate community and the wider world beyond.

 ‘Uplands lives a holistic approach to schooling, where there is a focus on age-appropriate ‘play’ and where pupils and parents have a voice.’
– Current Uplands parent



An Aftercare facility is available every weekday from 13:15 – 17:00

Uplands Pre-Preparatory School offers a well-structured and well-supervised aftercare facility. Working parents can have the peace of mind that their children are being nurtured, stimulated and well looked after in the afternoons. All the staff that supervise the children in the afternoons are qualified and ensure the children are involved in indoor and outdoor games, arts and crafts, and constructive play.

Throughout the Pre-Preparatory School, art activities encourage our children to develop sensory perception, eye-hand coordination, fine-motor control, and self-expression in their own work and the work of their friends. The visual art activities include two- and three-dimensional work where the art materials allow children to experiment with colour, shape, design and texture.

We aim to develop and nurture a love of music through singing, movement and playing various percussion instruments. Our Pre-Preparatory children have the opportunity to visit our Music Centre once a week and experience these activities with a qualified music teacher.

Theme days take place during the year.  Some of these include World Book Day, Cultural Day and Pirate Day. Each class visits our school library weekly.  The children are also given the opportunity to grow in confidence through their performances at the Annual Grandparents’ Day and their Annual Nativity Concert.

The natural beauty of our campus offers an ideal setting for children to enjoy and explore the environment, which instills an appreciation for the Earth and its resources. Many of our lessons and activities take place outdoors and are learner-centric and play-based. During these activities, children are encouraged to discover their own personal curiosities, develop confidence and independence, and foster an internal motivation to learn.



Extra-curricular activities are paid extras that take place before or after the school day.

Some of the extra-curricular activities offered:

Ballet Little Lab Coats Music – piano, etc.
BotKIDS (Robotics) Monkeynastix Playball
Horse Riding Moose Cricket Academy Pottery
Puma Kids Soccer Stars Swimming
Rhythm and Dance BuildEm Blocks Tennis


Our beautiful grounds invite children to extend their physical ability and develop ‘body confidence’. We believe that sport and physical activities contribute to the holistic development of a child. All our pupils attend Physical Education lessons twice a week with a qualified sports teacher. A water safety programme takes place once a week during the morning in the first and fourth terms. A qualified swimming teacher takes the children in small groups to our junior ‘Button’ swimming pool, where they learn to be water-safe.

A variety of events, including our Sports Day, provide our children with the opportunity to participate in several activities and events that are relaxed and fun-filled.

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