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Uplands Prospectus



It is our intention to give an all-round education and to encourage balance in the lives of our pupils. With this in mind, we regard the coaching of sport as an essential component of educational excellence. In the Foundation Phase the emphasis is placed on the development of skills, participation and enjoyment. By Grade 3 our players undertake their first competitive fixtures against local schools. In the Senior Phase we extend our games-play with attendance at national festivals and a greater emphasis is placed on long term skill development. Our principle sports include: rugby, soccer, hockey (boys and girls), netball, tennis, athletics and swimming.


A weekly lesson ensures all our pupils explore the world of music. It is in these classes that all our boys and girls have the opportunity to experiment with instruments, learn songs, and appreciate the history of music. An extensive private music programme and Choir, allows our children to grow their skills and passion.


In unison with our music programme, a weekly art lesson allows all our pupils to experiment with art media. For those with a passion for fine art, our afternoon programme allows them to further develop their talents.


To develop self-confidence and self-worth, we provide our pupils with opportunities to see, hear and participate in a variety of performance events, such as School assemblies, plays and public speaking. A drama class for all Grade 4s to 7s coaches our children to respond creatively and to become confident in expressing their ideas and feelings.


We support a number of local charities throughout the year to teach our children about community involvement, social responsibility, the plight of others and the role they can play in making the world a better place.

‘From when I was there, the unique aspect of the school was the focus not only on academics, but sport as well. Developing a well-rounded person isn’t only about teaching, but ensuring healthy development too.’

– Past Uplands pupil –

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