Professional Development Sessions By Titans Cricket CEO

Professional Development Sessions By Titans Cricket CEO

Titans Cricket CEO (and entertaining motivational speaker) Dr Jacques Faul visited Uplands this weekend at the special invitation of his former pupil, Coach Hennie Joubert. Dr Faul conducted a variety of professional development sessions on campus.

On Friday he spoke to the senior management and leadership team about the tempo and bravery needed to implement the strategic plan. He shared his simple ‘Stop, Start, Change or Continue’ framework to use when implementing strategic deliverables, along with a ‘Due Date Register’ for accountability. He also highlighted the need for energetic ‘Rainmakers’ to pilot new ideas and push an organisation forward. Dr Faul said it was essential that leaders evolve and update their skill-sets through constant reading and learning from experts.

‪On Saturday morning he spoke to Uplands pupils about motivation, in particular the need for positive self-talk, playing to have fun, and believing that magic is on its way. He reminded the pupils that motivation is the steering wheel, not the spare wheel, on their journeys in life. The Uplands pupils enjoyed hearing that ‘success can come from anywhere at any time,’ especially if they are prepared and have a growth-mind-set. Coach Joubert noted that this visit had been a dream of his, as Dr Faul had truly changed his life when he was a young cricket player. “Dr Faul continues to energise and inspire people wherever he goes and I was just delighted that he was on campus this weekend,” said Coach Joubert.‬


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