Teachers survived Day One!

Teachers survived Day One!

The level of excitement for this group of Grade 1s at finally being able to come to school was contagious. These Grade 1s started the year off doing work packs, online hangouts and chats with their teachers, but were able to put on their uniforms and school shoes for the first time on 1 February 2021. The teachers had been missing the sound of laughter on our corridors and, while we are delighted to see these smiling faces, we will miss the hugs that are part of a normal day at Uplands. Our Covid regulations are all in place and we know this will be a safe zone for our staff and children.

We usually have parents taking photos at the door and seeing where their child will be sitting, but parents needed to make use of the “Drop and Go” facility in the car park and wave their children off as they headed to the health check. We had some anxious parents waiting well ahead of collection time, whereas others were happy to leave their child to take part in the afternoon aftercare programme.

We have 51 children starting this year, who are all in the capable hands of our experienced Grade 1 teachers, Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Wiggill, while our class interns will be able to assist the teachers in offering some individual attention.

We look forward to a happy and rewarding year in Grade 1.

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