The signing of The Uplands Pledge 2020

The signing of The Uplands Pledge 2020

Monday 9 March was an important day for the Uplands Grade 8 Class of 2020. After completing their induction programme, it marked the annual Uplands tradition of The Signing of the Pledge and being officially welcomed into the Uplands family.
The Grade 8s gathered together with pupils, teachers and parents. After a welcome by the College Headmistress, Mrs Heidi Rea, the Head Mentors, Vaughn van Reenen and Izabella Carvalho, addressed the Grade 8s on the importance of the induction programme and what it means to become a part of the Uplands family. They recited the Pledge and rang the school bell before signing the Pledge at the respective house tables. They then received their school tie from their Matric buddy before the entire school sang the official school war cry, “Come the Day”, to symbolise their official welcome into the Uplands family.

To behave responsibly at all times.

To be considerate and respectful to others.

To ensure that our appearance is consistently neat and tidy.

To display good manners and always be courteous.

To extend the hand of friendship and support to fellow pupils, teachers, parents and those we meet.

To be diligent in our studies and committed to the mission and well-being of our College.

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