Uplands 2019 School Magazines

Uplands 2019 School Magazines

The Uplands family is rich in Diversity. Our unique cultures bring us together and give us the warm environment to celebrate and learn from each other. It was therefore fitting that the Uplands 2019 School Magazines were a celebration of that aspect of our school.

The Uplands Marketing department is proud to present the 2019 Pre-Preparatory/Preparatory and College school magazines, which can either be viewed on our Uplands website or, if you wish to have a hard copy, it can be ordered from the Uplands Marketing Department.

Please see the information below on how you can place your order:

Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory Magazine
To view the magazine: https://uplands.co.za/preparatory/
If you would like to order a hard copy:

College Magazine
To view the magazine: https://uplands.co.za/college/
If you would like to order a hard copy:

For any enquiries regarding the magazines, please contact Mrs Jenny Simons (jsimons@uplands.co.za)

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