Uplands College 2020 Online Honours Evening

Uplands College 2020 Online Honours Evening

Uplands College Honours Evening for 2020 took on a new look this year. Following COVID-19 regulations, it would have been impossible to accommodate the entire school body, teachers, parents and families in the school hall. To this end, with some 2020 insight and hindsight, Uplands embraced technology and for the first time since 1928, hosted the Honours Evening online.

The focus was on the Grade 12 Top Achievers in all spheres of school life and many pupils received awards for academics, sport and service. The Dux Scholar of 2020, Ceilidh Ferguson, addressed her peers and encouraged them to work hard and make the most of their experience at Uplands. The outgoing Head Mentors, Vaughn van Reenen and Izabella Carvalho, also had wise parting words for the Uplands School Community.

The Uplands Honours Evening traditions were upheld on this unique platform with entertainment provided by the Drama and Music Department.

The Mentors for 2021 were announced by the Head of Student Advancement, Mrs Sharon van Reenen. The Head of College, Mrs Heidi Rea, shared words of wisdom, congratulated all the prize winners and wished the Grade 12s of 2020 all the best for their final examinations.

Special Awards Winners

The Halifax Trophy Idiatou Diallo
The Devin Möller Trophy Leonard Brugman
Karin Reum Trust Sasha Berkowitz
Nella Coetzer Jena Rawlinson
Uplands College Service Award Lucy van der Meulen
Proxime Accessit Izabella Carvalho
Dux Trophy Ceilidh Ferguson
Arthur Gaydon-Connock Trophy Khumo Ranape and Eryn Treherne
The Marisa Longuinho Award Shamilah Abú-Bacar
The Hyson Trophy for Endeavour Ceilidh Ferguson
The Tecklenburg Award for Good Fellowship Idiatou Diallo
The Thomson Cultural Award Idiatou Diallo
The Sportsman  of the Year Kyle Klesse & Vaughn van Reenen
The Sportswoman of the Year Kayla Schefermann
The Best All-round Sportsman Award Frederich De Koker
The Best All-round Sportswoman Award Valentine Hlatshwayo
The Founders Award Lucy van der Meulen

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