Uplands Mandela Day Notice

Uplands Mandela Day Notice

As our country faces difficult and uncertain times, we believe that there is no better time than now to stand together and support each other.

We know that the pressures of COVID-19, the delayed opening of schools, and now the widespread unrest, violence, and disruption are heart-breaking for our country. However, we truly believe that we will once again navigate our way through these challenging times as a ‘Rainbow Nation.’ We have the energy and tenacity to rise again, and we can teach resilience to our children during these difficult days.

On Sunday, the 18th of July, we celebrate the birthday of our Former President, Nelson Mandela, who was an extraordinary person and a remarkable leader. He was a man of peace, had a presence like no other, was positive, showed us all what forgiveness looks like, was humble and compassionate, and most importantly, was full of hope.

In honour of Nelson Mandela and in some small way to support those less fortunate than ourselves, Uplands will be doing a collection of ‘bread and spreads.’ These items will be delivered on Monday to the orphans and vulnerable children at one of our rural partner schools, Maqamela Primary.

We would like to extend our condolences to everyone who has lost loved ones to COVID-19, those whose livelihoods have been affected, and those who have family and friends affected by the unrest. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

We wish you all strength and safety during this challenging time.

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