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Uplands Superheroes Celebrated!

By 5 Oct 2021Oct 25th, 2021No Comments

Today is a dual celebration! Firstly, it’s World Teachers’ Day and we say “Happy Teachers’ Day” to all educators! Secondly, we are taking the opportunity also to celebrate all other Uplands Staff members.

On this special Teacher and Staff Appreciation Day, the words of St Marguerite Bourgeoys come to mind: “Persons who live in a community have all the means they need to attain love.” This year has been extraordinary, but so are Uplands teachers and staff! They have met each challenge that has come their way with care, confidence and strength of character, and continue to serve students and each other with excellence. All staff were shown gratitude for all they have done for the Uplands community through cheers, songs, beautiful smiles and gifts across the three schools.