Uplands Swims Midmar

Uplands Swims Midmar

On Friday 8th January, Team Uplands left School to compete at Midmar. The team swam a variety of events.


Family Event: Team ‘Family Fowler’ finished 41st out of the 347 teams who entered (Times: Bryce 43:46, Kye-Ann 36:02, Cayden 31:19 & Brendan 30:15).

Non Company Relay: Kayla Schefermann swam a 24:16, Chantal Bourdin swam a 28:48 and Abigail Alexander swam a 33:33. As a team they finished 19th out of the 346 teams who entered.

SUNDAY 10th Feb

Girls (13 & under): Kye-Ann Fowler finished 177th in a time of 35:13.

Men’s (31 – 40 age group): Mr Brendan Fowler placed 28th, having the completed the race in a time of 28:33.

Women’s Main Event (14 – 30 age group): from the group of 1200 swimmers, Uplands swimmers achieved the following results: Kayla Schefermann completed the race in a time of 22:45 and finished 33rd. Chantal Bourdin swam a time of 28:27 and finished 231st. Cayden Fowler swam in a time of 28:58 and finished 265th. Abigail Alexander finished 522nd after swimming a time of 32:58.

Men’s Main Event (14 – 30 age group): 1000 swimmers headed out, with Uplands racing in the following results: Kobus van der Westhuyzen swam a time of 31:17 and finished 411th. Frederich de Koker completed the race in a time of 36:14 and finished 646th. Connor Thomson finished 694th after swimming a time of 37:18.

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