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Uplands Prospectus
2021 Uplands College Boarding Information


We have four Houses within the College. Goss and Founders Houses are boys boarding Houses that are combined with day scholar girls for all Pastoral events and structures (Inter-House competitions, Tutor groups and the tracking of pupil wellbeing, for example). Bishop and College Houses are girls boarding Houses that are combined with day scholar boys.

Combining day and boarding pupils into these 4 greater Houses for certain functions lends a greater sense of congeniality and team-play amongst the School. It also allows for the nuances of each group to be shared, as opposed to having one separated from the other. 

Our four Houses are each led by a Head-of-House, who also run their Boarding establishment. They are supported by approximately 14 Tutor teachers, whose role is to connect with some 14 pupils from their House; to become their trusted guide and support. 


School is far more than academics. As parents and teachers we need to ensure that we are also teaching a love for resilience, a drive for ingenuity and passion, a curiosity for ideas, and a commitment to self-discipline. We need to grow community-minded children who are able to interact with others; and who can listen, who can lead and who can follow as a situation demands. We believe there exists in boarding at Uplands the structure and environment to fully develop this sense of character. In focusing on creating a home-in-a-house, we believe our four boarding establishments – Goss, Bishop, Founders, and College – provide the level of care, support and challenge required to develop happy, resourced and assured Uplanders.

Across the School we cater for 274 boarders, making us one of the largest co-ed boarding schools in South Africa. This is an achievement we are proud of and reflects our intentional growth, based on sound and progressive principles. We have taken on the responsibility of creating a dynamic boarding establishment where the safety and happiness of our pupils is our first concern.

The Boarding Houses, set within our large and attractive campus, provide comfortable accommodation and are well-appointed and spacious. Each has a communal lounge, kitchen area and Wi-Fi access. Underpinning our boarding success is an excellent team of passionate staff who remain motivated and skilled to seek the best in our children. Each Boarding House has its own slightly unique feel and atmosphere. What is common to all, however, is the unity and infectiously positive feel that each House resonates. We welcome your family into our homes and look forward to helping your sons and daughters grow, to learning from them, and to building effective relationships with you, the parent community.

We extend a warm invitation for you to visit our boarding Houses.

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