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Uplands High-Performance Centre

The eagerly anticipated High-Performance Centre at Uplands has opened.

The state-of-the-art fitness facility further enhances the 110-hectare campus on the outskirts of White River. Uplands is a leading co-educational private school in Mpumalanga with a world-class offering of sporting facilities.

Uplanders are looking forward to utilising the important facility which is being integrated into their sporting development. The 618-square metre facility was designed as an open area space that allows for multi-faceted training equipment, while the second phase will include space for physiotherapy and biokinetics rooms. With the main school gym being incorporated into the High-Performance Centre, the current gym will provide a dedicated space for a Pilates and Yoga studio.

Mr Mike Gill, BA (Hons) Sport Science and Sports Coordinator at Uplands College, is very excited about the benefits of this type of facility for the new Uplands High-Performance Centre. He comments, “This facility will allow us to further develop the holistic athlete with a core focus on sport performance and wellness.” The highly qualified staff members will facilitate personalised programmes to support the pupils in their various sports and fitness regimes.

Designed by the well-known Lowveld architect Mr Gerhard Jooste of GJ Architects, the building has a definitive architectural style which was designed to fit into the Uplands landscape and ensures that the style makes a statement as well. This was created by designing a “barn-style” building with stone silos to speak to the rural setting of the school. Specific detail of the school architecture was then added to this barn-style building. The use of the characteristic Uplands precast columns, face-brick white cottage pane steel windows, cream-plastered walls and olive-green roofs will complete the identity of the building which blends naturally with the beautiful macadamia orchards surrounding it.

Uplands is a family-orientated boarding and day school that caters for children from Grade 0000 to Grade 12 and offers a plethora of academic, sporting and cultural activities for pupils. Set upon a 110-hectare countryside estate in White River in Mpumalanga, the school has been in existence since 1928 and has deep connections within the surrounding communities through Uplands Outreach which works collaboratively in two Mpumalanga circuits with school leaders, teachers and pupils in a proven systemic alignment approach to enable continuous learning.

Competitiveness is an important skill and preparing our pupils for the real world is a key objective of the school.

“The importance of healthy living and wellness are taken seriously at Uplands,” says Executive Head, Mr Sean Carlisle. “We believe that the addition of the Uplands High-Performance Centre will position the school further as a leading private school that has a unique family co-educational day and boarding school”.

Mr Ryan McCarthy, Sports Coordinator at Uplands Preparatory, believes that all of the athletes will benefit from this High-Performance Centre. “Onwards and upwards for all involved at Uplands.”

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