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Uplands is a Christian school in the Anglican ethos. Almost since its inception Uplands has had a proud traditional association with the Anglican Church which has been recently reaffirmed with the unification of the boards and the integration of the schools into a single entity. Due regard is given to Anglican tradition and dignity within school worship and school life.

Uplands holds the belief that every child is beloved, belongs, and is a child of God. The spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of each child is based on the values and virtues of the school’s Christian tradition: love of God and love of neighbour; the pursuit of truth and justice; the challenge of service and duty; and the experience of trust and forgiveness.

Uplands remains true to its fundamental and progressive educational mission – one which encourages critical thinking, diversity and unfettered freedom of choice in matters of spirituality.

We recognise the importance of providing opportunities for worship and take great care in following the liturgical year. At the preparatory school, we hold a weekly chapel service, whilst in the college, we enjoy a voluntary weekly Sunday service and a whole school service every fortnight. Voluntary opportunities for Christian involvement, such as our Christian fellowship and Bible study groups, are made available on a weekly basis. An annual Christian Camp is offered to all our pupils.

Furthermore, we offer baptism, admission to communion and confirmation each year and divinity classes form part of the academic curriculum from Grades 4 to 11. This is essentially about teaching a Christian worldview and pupils have the freedom to identify with this understanding of life. Pupils are sensitised to the will and work of God as seeds are sown for them to put their hope and trust in God.