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Preparatory Boarding

Our Preparatory School (Grades 4 to 7) offers boarding to boys and girls from Grade 4.

Boarders hail from near and far – from surrounding areas to nearby towns to cities further away, or from across our borders, providing children with a wonderful opportunity to mix with other cultures.

Our boarders are accommodated in two houses: boys in Selby Taylor and girls in Webster. Boarding offers children opportunities to socialise, to develop good and lasting organisational habits, to experience life away from home in a caring, yet structured environment. Boarders feel a great sense of belonging and connection to their peers and their school and they develop rewarding lifelong friendships. As with business conferences, the real work is done in the breaks. Real friendships are not created in the formal classroom. They grow in their leisure time, whether formal or informal: playing a team sport, debating or just chilling down at the dam. These are friendships, lessons and networks that last a lifespan. Then there is learning about responsibility and independence, as well as healthy inter-dependence through teamwork and caring – important life qualities to develop and acquire.

For those children who remain in boarding over weekends because their families reside further away, excursions to local attractions such as God’s Window and the Kruger National Park are organised. Added to this, children are encouraged to freely use the school’s beautiful facilities over weekends, whether to just relax, play or catch up with their art projects.

Uplands boasts one of the largest co-educational boarding environments in South Africa and as such has been privileged to provide a safe and memorable stay to countless children over the years. Above all, we like to believe that our boarding truly does offer exceptional value for money, on a secure and peaceful estate, where children can learn and thrive.

The Uplands boarding environment is rich with opportunity.  The semi-rural setting, the year-round equitable climate, the world-class off-road cycle trails and a variety of top-class sports facilities all create a context for growth and development academically, physically and socially.