Today’s Thinking Child is Tomorrow’s Achiever

2021 Uplands Preparatory School Boarding Information


At the heart of the Prep School campus, Selby Taylor (Boys) and Webster House (girls) provide our boarders with a home in which they can relax at the end of the school day.

Our two houses offer comfortable living for 19 boys and 12 girls. Our House staff ensure a warm and family atmosphere, where our boys and girls feel at home, and parents and friends are always welcome.

Our boarding options are flexible, although most of our boarders are weekly, going home on the weekends. Some of our boarders live locally, whilst a significant amount come from all over Southern Africa. We are proud of this mix of backgrounds as our children come to learn about and respect a variety of cultures and experience. All our boarders mix easily with our school’s day population, with whom they build equally varied and lasting friendships.


Every week day evening, our boarders undertake supervised homework sessions. Whilst we believe in the use of technology as an aid to learning, we do ensure access to the internet, cell phones and other devices is controlled.


The recreational needs of our boarders are well catered for, with a large focus on getting our boarders out into our beautiful environment. Afternoon soccer, bike rides and chats under the trees, for example, are a daily part of our healthy routine.

As part of the Uplands family, Selby-Taylor boys and Webster House girls flourish in a caring and supportive environment. Boarding at Uplands Preparatory gives each child a chance to grow in confidence, have fun, develop personal skills and form lifelong friendships amongst a safe and beautiful campus.

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