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Uplands Prospectus


At Uplands, we believe that education is as much about building character and connections as it is about transferring skills, knowledge and the thirst for learning. We strive to promote this knowledge of self through conversation, shared experience, daily support and practiced decision making.

Our House and Tutor system coach a transition from personal dependence to mature independence amongst a supportive environment. Our teachers are committed to building relationships and the understanding to scaffold the growth of each of our pupils; it is our role to see everyone and to engage them within our culture and environment, such that all thrive.

Our care is an inclusive function, integrated into the curriculum, philosophy and structural organisation of Uplands. Our commitment to wellbeing is made visible through our Honour Code, our core values, the provision of supporting infrastructure (our House and Tutor system, for example), our team of professional caregivers, and a curriculum that enhances skills for coping.

Our Pastoral care helps us articulate our values, involves all teachers and parents, and helps pupils to achieve success. It offers support for the learning behaviour and welfare of our students, addresses the particular difficulties some individual students may be experiencing, and provides a road map to personal and School growth. 

Across the College our pupils are placed within a School House. Each House, of which there are four in the College, comprises a mix of boarders and day scholars, boys and girls. Having grown and developed with age, the House system is now well established. A series of Inter-House events provide a forum for healthy competition, community fun, the development of team spirit and personal strengths, and the celebration of success.

Each pupil is part of a House tutor group of approximately 14 students. These small, vertically structured teams allow an opportunity for all to learn from one another, for friendships to develop, and for close support to be achieved. A staff tutor, through daily group meetings, gets to know each of his or her tutees and, in so doing, becomes a valuable guide toward achieving success, identifying and correcting problems, and informing choices.

‘I am fortunate enough to go to a school that promotes a strong set of values; I believe it will enable me to thrive at varsity and beyond.’


– Current Uplands pupil –

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