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Uplands Pre-Preparatory School incorporating the Reggio-Inspired Approach

Uplands Pre-Preparatory is a home away from home – your children are our children.

Uplands Schools belongs to the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA). This organisation governs many independent schools in Southern Africa. In our Pre-Preparatory School, we follow the ISASA Early Childhood Development Guidelines, which incorporate the skills and milestones that young children need to acquire in each grade.

Our Uplands Pre-Preparatory School strives to ensure that our children get the best care and education. We make every effort to ensure that each child is able to learn by having opportunities to play and acquire new skills in a hands-on environment that is educational, stimulating, and safe to explore. We also integrate the Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy into our curriculum. This approach acknowledges that all children are intelligent, competent and resourceful, and constantly construct meaning using a ‘hundred different languages.’

We aim to ensure that the children’s learning is holistic and supports growth across all domains: cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual. Our curriculum combines the key philosophies of the Reggio-inspired approach, 21st century thinking skills, outdoor learning, and traditional teaching approaches.

We believe that relationships are integral to the learning process. Uplands Pre-Preparatory School establishes a strong network of relationships between the children, parents and teachers, in order to promote continuous communication. We see the teacher’s role as that of a listener and researcher, as they provoke occasions of discovery through inspired listening and join the children in their excitement and curiosity in creating, exploring and learning.

By incorporating the Reggio-inspired approach, our teaching styles are child-centred and are driven by the children’s interests. We believe that children should be given a voice in the direction and content of their learning, to ensure that they find their learning meaningful and joyful.

In keeping with the Reggio-inspired approach, we ensure that “the environment is the third teacher” – our indoor and outdoor learning environment is carefully constructed in a way conducive to children learning. We place great value on learning through play which our beautiful and spacious campus allows for. In a world where children have fewer opportunities to explore nature, we ensure that they have daily opportunities to be outside to enjoy creative play and explore natural materials.

Uplands Pre-Preparatory School Objectives:

  • to nurture happy children with good self-esteem through taking the time to get to know each child individually and by listening carefully to their thoughts and ideas
  • to instil a love of learning in children from an early age by encouraging their natural curiosity about the world and nurturing natural learning wherever possible
  • to focus on relevant theme-based learning to promote their curiosity and creativity regarding their understanding and view of the world
  • to encourage a love of nature and the natural world by focusing on these as wonderful learning experiences
  • to focus on a variety of practical activities (gardening, woodwork, handcrafts, music, baking)
  • to focus on building creativity and imagination through stories, drawing and painting, role play, sensory activities and fantasy play
  • to focus on collaborative play and participation by doing things together, learning from each other, and problem-solving collectively
  • to focus on building self-confidence, self-reliance and initiative-taking by allowing them to find their own answer, do their own research, and resolve their own problems so they feel capable
  • to focus on supporting the development of body awareness and coordination through movement, outdoor free-play, ball skills and structured physical activities
  • provide children with spiritual growth so children learn to be aware of and comfortable with qualities such as respect, responsibility, and reverence for self and others.

Key Words and Phrases that describe our Uplands Pre-Preparatory

  • Nurturing
  • Reggio Emilia-inspired Approach to early learning
  • Play-based learning
  • Outdoor learning
  • Holistic Approach
  • A safe and stimulating environment
  • Personal learning path for every child
  • Inspiring curiosity, imagination and creativity
  • A diverse, equitable and inclusive learning environment
  • Views young children as individuals who are curious about their world and have the powerful potential to learn from all that surrounds them
  • Celebrate and encourage children’s creative thinking and problem-solving

Why choose our centre?

Our school campus provides beautiful open spaces that lend themselves to learning through play, discovery and experiencing nature, which extends into the classroom. The atmosphere of love and happiness

  • A safe and thriving environment
  • Team approach – involving parents
  • Holistic Education
  • Quality Early Childhood Education

What are our core values?

Faith, integrity, respect of family contexts and culture, open and positive relationships, honesty, community, nurturing, growth,

What makes our centre different from other childcare centres?

  • Our team of teachers and support staff are passionate and dedicated
  • Qualified teachers
  • Authentic Reggio Emilia-inspired lessons and activities
  • Our beautiful and spacious environment
  • The passion and dedication all the staff provide to the children, families and the Pre-Prep School
  • Our philosophy places the child first and focuses on the whole child.
  • Children get snacks and lunch provided
  • A wide range of intra-murals with specialist teachers, as well as extra murals on campus
  • Each grade has class assistants helping the teachers
  • Therapists are available on campus