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Annual South African Youth Championship

By 19 July 2023No Comments

From the 28th of June to the 2nd of July, the annual South African Youth Championship was held at Kyalami Park Equestrian Centre.

Seven Uplands College pupils participated in both an individual capacity and representing Mpumalanga. This is the highlight of the calendar for the Junior riders. Our pupils and their trusty steeds did us proud, getting some fantastic results in a very competitive environment. The results for our riders are as follows:

Phoebe Garrel (Grade 8) on Motul Coeur de Valentin:
Dressage. Novice

  • Qualifier 1 – 1st Place 68.37%
  • Qualifier 2 – 1st place with a 72.80%
  • Champs – 4th place
  • Mpumalanga team finished 2nd!

Show Jumping

  • 1 m Championship class: 12th Place

Mpumalanga team came first! The team was made up of three Uplands riders: Phoebe, Khetsiwe and Makayla 

Khetsiwe James (Grade 8) on Dexterite
Show Jumping

  • 1m Accumulator:  15th Place
  • 1m 2 Phase: 22nd place
  • 1m Championship: 31st place

Kiera Knight (Grade 10) on Follow the Wind
Dressage Elementary

  • Qualifier 2 60.19%
  • Championship 60.67%
  • Mpumalanga came 2nd.

Ellen Holland (Grade 10) on Capital New Star
Show Jumping

  • 1m Championship 21st

On Fall of Troy

  • 1.2m Accumulator 9th Place
  • 1.2m 2 phase 14th Place

A combined North-West and Mpumalanga team came 4th. There are only two Mpumalanga riders at this height and both are Uplands pupils (Ellen Holland and Jessica Whyte).

Makayla Reilly-Warr (Grade 11) on Brandenburg Last Scarlet
Show Jumping

  • 1m Accumulator 15th
  • 1m 2 phase 23rd
  • Championship 15th place

Kyra Whyte (Grade 11) on Comical Guy
Show Jumping (Kyra was the only Mpumalanga Open show Jumper on the team!)

  • 1.30m A2 Comp 17th place

Jessica Whyte (Grade 12) on Bailey’s Quantum Leap and White Waters Optimum Amber

Jess competed in the 1.2m classes, but she had to swap horses and ride a horse that she had never ridden before. Jumping 1.20m is no mean feat. She rode well and the Mpumalanga team came 4th overall.

The competition was fierce, with many of the Showjumping classes having over 80 riders. Our riders have really grown in stature and are now competing in the higher classes and getting placings, which is very positive for Uplands riders. Well done, girls!