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Kgwalle le Mollo (KLM) Foundation

KLM’s Mission

The KLM Foundation identifies talented young students from economically disadvantaged, rural communities in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa and awards the students a five-year scholarship to attend one of South Africa’s leading secondary schools, Uplands College. The KLM Foundation scholarship is a leadership development programme, founded on an ethic of scholarship and service: KLM Scholars are talented, motivated young people who wish to better themselves and their country through education. KLM wants young people who want to change their world.

In collaboration with Uplands College, the KLM Foundation identifies and nurtures young South Africans with the potential to lead their country into the future. Despite the barriers of poverty and economic deprivation, South Africa’s rural communities possess the talent, innovation and vision that brought about the democratic transformation of the country twenty-nine years ago. Now, more than ever, young South Africans with talent and promise need the education and opportunity to carry forward that legacy.

KLM was founded in 2004 by two Peace Corps Volunteers serving in South Africa, Bowen Hsu and Allison Howard Berry. Over the course of their two-year Peace Corps service, Bowen and Allison worked in rural villages and townships and met extraordinary young people who possessed great intelligence and talent, but no opportunities for a high-quality education. The conditions in rural government schools were lamentable – teachers were ill-trained and poorly compensated, learning resources were non-existent, and even the brightest students didn’t have meaningful opportunities to learn. Moreover, without adult role models to introduce options for professional careers, children often could not even envision a life beyond rural poverty. Together with a group of fellow Peace Corps Volunteers, expert advisors and local stakeholders, KLM was founded to help these rural children reach their full potential.

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