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Cartwheel Children Sculpture at Uplands Preparatory by Robbie Rorich

By 29 August 2023No Comments
Cartwheel Children Sculpture at Uplands Preparatory by Robbie Rorich

Robbie’s vision for the Cartwheel Children was inspired by children’s unconditional love, freedom and truth. The thought of just “being” love in an ongoing circle of being both separate and together:  “The truth of the divine light behind existence and all experiences underpins the understanding of the exceptional, diverse and physical experiences possible. The freedom of movement and expression demonstrated by these two children encompasses their full expression.

To me, this sculpture is of “unconditional love”. When you think about it, it’s a condition to think that you and I are separate from one another, and it’s also a condition that we need to be together. In reality, we can, just simply, “be” love.  So in this sculpture, these two children are just absolutely enjoying simply being love, together.

It’s also about “truth” – specifically, the truth of the divine light that is behind all of existence, and all of experience. The truth in the understanding of this light source that makes our exceptional, diverse, physical experience possible.

And it’s about “freedom”. Freedom of movement. Freedom of expression. The freedom to be what we’ve come here to be, which is the freedom to each express our fullest self. Just like these two are doing in this moment… and this moment, and this moment. They’re still, but they’re constantly in full self-expression. It’s what these two children are doing. And what we’re doing, and what our children are doing too.

Also there are gemstones in the feet and hands, which are the main colours of the rainbow, so that as the children spin in the cartwheel it creates a rainbow.”