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Jon Chantler (Uplands Board Vice Chairman)

By 1 September 2022No Comments

Jon Chantler has been an Uplands Board member since 2017. He is a well-known Lowveld businessman with an Engineering degree from Wits. Jon’s daughter is currently in Grade 8 at Uplands College and his son is an Old Uplander who is currently at Hilton College. 

“I don’t believe in doing anything half-heartedly. If there’s a task, a match, a project or an exam, we must always give our best, using the best resources available. This will always deliver a result that we can be pleased with.” Jon is the epitome of positivity and has huge passion for Uplands and the community. “The biggest differentiator in humans across the globe is the effort we put in, the resources we have at our disposal and the ability to make good decisions or choices. With effort and good decisions, I am firmly resolved to see Uplands being positioned as a benchmark school in South Africa. This will be evident not only by the results, but also by producing well-rounded, hardworking scholars that are able to make good decisions and find their ultimate place in the world.”