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Kayleigh Du-Pont (College Class of 2017) shares her story

By 26 July 2021October 25th, 2021No Comments

KAYLEIGH DU-PONT (College Class of 2017) shares her story.


I moved to Melbourne, Australia after completing my studies at Uplands. I have now graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration, and have commenced my Masters at Victoria University. I didn’t expect to go on to undertaking a Masters, as I was more of a sports addict at school – haha. 

Melbourne life is quite different to South Africa, even though they both offer such unique experiences. When I first arrived I noticed that the public transport is so easy to use, and the standard of living is much higher than in South Africa. Melbourne also has such a diverse range of people with different cultures, so the food here is incredibly delicious – a person can get the best Chinese to the best Sri Lankan food.

Any memory of Uplands brings a smile to my face, as I had such an amazing time there. I am quite a social person, and loved the boarding life, living with eighty best friends who I could go to at any time to chat to or chill out with, which I cherished.

I also remember the Sports Derbys and Tours – the atmosphere was quite electric and contagious then. My advice to the current pupils would be to enjoy the small things, like having lunch with your friends, or tying colourful ribbons in one another’s hair in preparation for the Derbys. The small things are what you will remember the most. Also – do what makes you happy because with everything happening right now, nothing is guaranteed, so take advantage of every opportunity and enjoy every moment.