Richard Browne (Prep Grade 7 Graduate 1984) shares his story

Richard Browne (Prep Grade 7 Graduate 1984) shares his story

RICHARD BROWNE (Prep Grade 7 Graduate of 1984)

I attended Uplands from 1982 until Grade 7 in 1984. l joined the school late as we immigrated to South Africa from Rhodesia at the end of the conflict at that time. I immediately made good friends, my first in South Africa, being Charles Compton and his brother Victor.

I was a massive rugby fan and was disappointed it was not offered at Uplands at that time, so l played in a goalie position in the soccer team just in order to ‘use my hands’. Father John coached us and despite his hard working methods, we still got thumped by almost every team we played. I do recall Mr Thorpe allowing us to play a short game of rugby and l got tackled by Rowena Tyson (our current UPPA Chair), and she was surprisingly ferocious!

Some of the better games, I remember, were when we travelled to Pretoria to play against WHPS or The Ridge. Little did l know that l would be joining some of those boys later at Pretoria Boys High School, and they remain friends to this day.

I always had a fascination for aeroplanes and hence l have become an airline pilot with a Japanese carrier, where l am currently employed. I am a Captain on the Boeing 747.

My wife and l live in Zimbabwe – we moved back “home” here, two years ago.

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