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Tafadzwa Chipeperekwa (College Class of 2017) shares his story

By 16 July 2021October 25th, 2021No Comments

TAFADZWA CHIPEPEREKWA (College Class of 2017)

I was accepted at the University of Pretoria after leaving Uplands, but halfway through the course I decided to chase my actual passion of aviation, so I didn’t continue with those studies. 

I remember telling Mrs van Reenen about this passion in one of our last English classes, and she told me a joke about being a pilot, but she wished me well nevertheless. I have now obtained my commercial pilot’s license, and have become an entrepreneur in forex trading as well. I am currently in a private jet partnership with two other gentlemen and we are embarking on developing our own private charter company quite soon.

I have many special memories from Uplands. The predominant ones are the Grade 10 Journey, which was different and quite thrilling, and the 1st Team Rugby winning the 2017 Derby against Penryn.

A message to our young Uplanders: During these times, some things may not make sense and you may find it difficult to decide where you want to be, and what you would like to do. Remember that tough times do not last, only tough people last. Follow your passions and keep on going to chase your dreams. Never quit, as you will only end up pushing yourself backwards.