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The Tale of Webster House

By 1 September 2023No Comments

Enjoy a delightful poem encapsulating the history of Webster House, titled “The Tale of Webster House” and penned by Mr Gavin Sinclair (Uplands Preparatory Head from 2000 – 2010)

Once, a hundred years ago,
A house was built…  that talked, you know!
A talking house – how very cool!
This house became a famous school.
Come to admire me, here I stand.
They called me gracious, solid, grand.
Burmese teak for doors and stairs,
I housed the Websters, millionaires!
My shuttered windows, fittings, brass,
Every detail spoke of class.
Iconic landmark, stately home,
Balls and banquets have I known.
Those days are gone now; I’ve shed some tears,
Things have changed these hundred years!
No more silken scarves and furs –
Bums slide down my banisters!
Classrooms, offices, sometimes dorms,
My rooms have taken many forms.
Fearful boarders, sobbing Mums.
Midnight feasts and tell-tale crumbs.
And shouting! You won’t believe the noise,
And not just from the girls and boys!
Teachers giving loud instructions,
Matrons there to stop the ructions,
Even mothers – what disaster –
Yelling at the poor headmaster!
Whispered gossip – sometimes slander,
At staff tea-time on my veranda.
Yes, much I’ve seen and much I’ve heard,
Of some things I cannot say one word…
Of the cat called Webster, I can tell,
My biggest buddy for a spell.
But like so many in this rhyme,
She passed on, when she’d done her time.
Before my tale ends – one more fable –
My life’s companion, ghostly Mabel.
She wanders silent, here and there,
From room to room and up the stair.
She makes no sound and is seldom seen,
Gliding through, calm, serene.
Come join me now and celebrate!
A hundred years, let’s party late,
One hundred done, that sure is great,
But the next hundred is at the gate.