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Vetiwe Mamba (College Class of 2016) shares her news

By 2 September 2021October 25th, 2021No Comments

VETIWE MAMBA (College Class of 2016)


Since I matriculated from Uplands, I have completed an undergraduate degree in Journalism, Media Studies and French at Rhodes University. Thereafter I completed my Honours in Journalism in 2020, at Wits University, which was an unmatched experience during the onset of the pandemic!

I’m currently studying towards another course, which I hope will be the cherry on top, and then I can start working.

Uplands will always hold a special place in my heart, I had many great friends there and we made memories I’ll never forget. Having opportunities to sing and perform after school are few and far between, and as I think back – Uplands was my favourite stage.

One characteristic of mine that has been moulded and polished over the years is my tenacity. I have learnt that there will always be moments where things feel a bit too much but we all need to simply push through to get the prize, and once that has been achieved, all those long nights will be worth all the effort.

If I were to offer any advice, I would say do not put yourself in a box and limit your capabilities, your interests or your skills. We are too young to have everything figured out right after high school, so give yourself some grace if you are still figuring things out. Focus on chasing your passion – that will never lead you astray.