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Domenica Pupillo-Rawlings (College Class of 2012:) Following my Dreams

By 6 September 2022No Comments

My husband and I have recently relocated to Ireland. I work as a Stable Manager, Equestrian Instructor and Show Holding Body Secretary. Three words that best describe me are family-orientated, friend and animal-lover. My pet peeves are bullies and animal abuse.

My average day is quite varied. I sort out admin and housework, and thereafter I head to the stables for a quick ride. In the afternoons, I run the scheduled riding lessons and I also check on the horses. Some days I need to transport in horse feed or grass, and the farrier or vet are scheduled for appointments. I also used to travel around South Africa to find the right horse for myself or a client, and I box horses to different venues as well. My activities depend on what is happening that week.

I do believe that having my horse slip and fall at a gallop, almost directly on top of me, counts as a survival skill! I ended up with merely a concussion and sprained wrist.

Ever since I was young, I always wanted to work with animals, and I am so glad that I’ve reached this dream.  The children, parents, and horses may call on me 24/7, and at times it can be quite demanding. Even so, it is rewarding to see children and horses gain confidence and skill as the lessons progress.

Initially, I overcame many obstacles to reach the point I am at now. For me, the definition of success means doing something that makes me happy and doing something that I really enjoy. Uplands taught me that not taking the path of least resistance can open up new opportunities that enable one to grow and develop mentally, spiritually and professionally. A highlight was having my wedding in the Uplands Chapel in 2018, which was very special indeed.