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Learners for Excellence (L4E): Where are they now?

By 5 September 2022No Comments

Ms Zamokuhle Khumalo

Uplands Outreach is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the renowned Learners for Excellence (L4E) Saturday Maths programme. Over the next few weeks, we will highlight some of the incredible graduates of this programme.

Zamokuhle Khumalo has qualified with a BA degree in Education (Foundation Phase) and has been working at Maphakama Primary School since 2019.

She has expressed sincere gratitude at how Uplands Outreach helped to shape her academic development since she was an L4E scholar in 2012. As a teacher, she still recalls the Reflections she had to write for her weekly Uplands Outreach journal, which helped improve her English vocabulary and inspired a passion for reading books. “I also have the added privilege of being able to share any problems within my professional life, with Uplands Outreach, knowing that I will receive meaningful solutions. Uplands Outreach has, and still does, play a huge role in offering advice and resources that I can share with my learners, making my lessons productive and fun!”